Tomas David Hood

Senior Software Engineer and Writer in Lincoln, Nebraska

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I am the space weather and radio propagation editor for CQ Amateur Radio Magazine, The Spectrum Monitor magazine, and Radio User (in the UK). I study the Sun-Earth connection and how it influences radio communications, especially shortwave radio propagation. I often create videos and other media regarding space weather, radio propagation, and related topics and news.

I am an amateur (ham) radio communicator, a shortwave radio listener (known as an SWL-er), and I enjoy Morse code (using a mode known as "CW"), JT65A, Olivia (both are digital communications modes using very low power on shortwave radio), and sometimes voice communications.

Most of my life, I have been involved in computer sciences, and telecommunications. Software engineering, hardware and networking, and systems engineering have all been part of my job at one time or another. Currently, I work full time as a senior software engineer in the medical sector. The software engineering scope covers enterprise, device, communications, and systems software.

I also write about, and research, foreign affairs, diplomacy, military doctrine, politics, and current affairs. I am a US Army Veteran, and served during the first Cold War. I firmly believe that the Cold War has not seen an end-point, but continues--in other words, I don't believe the first Cold War has ended. This is supported by the recent actions of Russia and China.

I've been a radio DJ, an emergency communications director, a dispatcher, a US Army communications Signal Corps member, and have filled a variety of other capacities in communications. I'm also an amateur radio operator, with a USA call sign of, NW7US.

I love cats, the mountains, rivers and lakes. I love my wife, my family, and God, as well as my country. I love guitar, music, and really great poetry. When I find a great book, I get lost in it, barely putting the book down until I've read the entire treasure from front to back. I also love to travel, to meet people, experience cultures, and experience other perspectives.

Explore my social presence to find out more about me. I'm active on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Of course, my videos are a creative outlet, freely available on YouTube.

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